Shaman PornStar Episode #1 (Perspective)

In the first episode of, “Shaman Pornstar” (Perspective) our gregarious host, WillowJon discusses what is was like growing up feeling, somewhat like one of the “X-Men,” a mutant, if you will with secret powers, due to being born with the cloudy white covering of a cataract in his left pupil. He talks about the process of seeing this, at first, as a immutable curse, but over time how it has deepened his ever evolving compassion, grace, and unconditional love for his body, mind, and spirit and all of humanity.

Shaman PornStar #2 (Wet Dreams)

What is the connection between our physical waking world and our symbolic dreaming world? Well there are many, symbols in the physical world such as; animals, oceans, crucifixes, circles, triangles, numbers ,and body parts, that serve as a connection or conversation about something deeper we are tying to understand. Take a walk down into the basement of your unconsciousness to see what fears, or desires are there and what they are trying to communicate with you. Before you close your eyes at night, ask yourself what you would like to learn more about and then allow yourself to be taken into a magical world of interrelated symbols, meaningful metaphors, and wild imaginations. Welcome to the dream world. Time for some fun!

Shaman PornStar #3 (I Know Who You Are)

Throughout my life I’m constantly learning and re-learning how I can best be of, “Service” to the world, to my friends and family and to myself. It seems over and over I keep coming to the same conclusion, “Follow Joy!” “Play Often,” “Dream Big,” “Stretch, Exercise, and Meditate,” “Activate, Challenge, and Silence The Mind,” ” Stoke the Fires of My Imagination,” “Get Into Nature,” “Play Music,” “Move My Body and DANCE,” “Laugh LOUD, PROUD, and OFTEN!” and, “Continue to Become Lost in the Wonder and the Glory OF THE Moment!” Blessings to all my Light Workers out there floating in the vastness of the Unknown! How the Darkness provides us such a wonderful Opportunity to Become the Brightest beacons of LIGHT we can for each other Like friendly Fish Chasing each Other in an infinite tank of possibility.